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Our designers have worked extensively in optimizing the lines, features and appeal of our systems.

Design is fundamental in these systems, intended as a correct study of functionalities and their integration respecting a certain degree of aesthetics.


This is why today we are sure that those who choose our queue management systems can take advantage of systems that are also beautiful to look at and use. Systems that ensure easy placement in any type of environment and lasting operation, because they are well designed and manufactured with high quality components.


Kiosk proposes different models of numeric service ticket dispensers: from the new and simple ticket dispensers such as Kiosk Wallber, up to multifunction totems with touch monitors for multi-service and multisportle flow management needs.

Designed to work anywhere.


Thanks to the shape design, our ticket dispensers can be placed anywhere, regardless of location, but also robust enough to survive any unexpected bump.


Kiosk Wallbert, Kiosk One Small, Kiosk Elegant.

The ideal tool for a careful customer service


When adopting a Kiosk queueing system, the management of expectations and priorities is no longer a problem.

Service personnel can do their job in the best way possible, giving proper attention to customers and waiting users. Not only.


With the most advanced solutions that Kiosk offers, your staff with specific skills will be able to better serve customers with specific requests. Not a simple generalist service, but an accurate service dedicated to the customer's request.


In short: attention and professionalism. Elements that really make the difference.


Kiosk Wallber


The new and practical ticket dispenser

Kiosk Wallber is a new product among the ticket dispensing systems.


Elegant design and easy functionality, Kiosk Wallber is able to issue the ticket automatically without the need to press buttons.


But even the easy installation justifies its success.

In fact, Kiosk Wallber can be fixed to the wall, to save space and reduce space, or it can be fixed on a support post, for easy relocation based on need. A few minutes and the system is ready for use.


Kiosk Wallber replaces the obsolete eliminating snails with the most flexible electronic technology. In fact, with Kiosk Wallber your customer is able to pick up the ticket, which automatically exits in progressive numbering, without needing other elements or command devices, but combining it with the Kiosk Qmicro software, it becomes an queueing system with more advanced management features.


Kiosk Wallber: easy to install, elegant, economical.


Kiosk Wallber - emettitore di ticket eliminacode


Thermal printer 58-80 mm

Customized ticket with company logo and numbering of your choice

Interface Programming manual reset of ticket numbering.

Wall mount, floor lamp

Dimensions 460 x 218 x 150

Weight 4 kg

Kiosk One Small


Robust, beautiful, always on.

Kiosk One Small is the most sold among touchscreen ticket issuers: stable, robust, with a clean design, it is ideal for high-traffic environments.

Kiosk One Small is adopted by many Italian and large municipal municipalities: a reality where the management of users plays a central role in the service provided.


The convenient opening of the box, facilitates the management, loading of paper, and maintenance.

The 19 "touch screen display is suitable for large multiservice situations, where it is important to give an easy selection of the desired service.


Kiosk One Small is the solution designed to offer maximum usability: in fact, the small version of the Kiosk One model has been sized to make it easier to use even by handicapped persons.


Compact, elegant and long-lasting, Kiosk One Small is the best-selling ticket print totem.



Kiosk One Small: chiosco emettitore ticket



Display touch 19"

Thermal printer 58-80 mm

Customized ticket with company logo and numbering of your choice

Interface Programming manual reset of ticket numbering.

Dimensions 580 x 1300 x 180


Kiosk Elegant


Elegant, slim, beautiful.

Kiosk Elegant is the new model of Kiosk ticket printing system. Developed to satisfy specific concepts and new locations, Kiosk Elegant is unequaled on the Italian market.


Thanks to its line and its compactness, Kiosk Elegant fits elegantly into any environment.


The convenient opening of the box allows easy insertion of the card and maintenance inside it.


The bright 19 "touch screen allows a convenient selection of the service thanks to its greater readability even in places with strong lighting and reflections.


Display touch 15"

Thermal printer 58-80 mm

Customized ticket with company logo and numbering of your choice

Interface Programming manual reset of ticket numbering.

Free-standing floor

Dimensions 480 x 1300 x 480

White color


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