Ticket issuers and waiting queue management system for Jewelers and Bijoux shops


Priority management, style and communication



Respect for priority is respect for the person: in this case for the client.

For this reason, not a few jewelleries, watchmakers and jewelery shops are adopting our reservation and service management systems.

Peak of seasonal influx, tourist locations and high visibility shops are discovering the different advantages related to giving proper attention to its customers.


Thanks also to digital signage technology, it is possible to inspire customers with campaigns and professional product videos, inform them elegantly about current promotions, stimulate sales and promote additional services.

So a communication made of style, more engaging and rich than in the past. Able to serve and excite at the same time. And the results are seen.

Best shopping experience


Sector studies reveal how the adoption of professional digital signage systems contributes to increase sales in sales points thanks to the possibility of transmitting the right content to the right target, in the right place and at the right time.

The combination of a queue management system such as Kiosk Qmicro or Kiosk Hydra Ex to digital signage technology has shown itself to be an important lever in the decision-making process of buyers, especially in the pre-purchase phase.


Once the customer has taken his service ticket, it is much more likely to view the displayed goods with confidence and is at the same time much more receptive to the campaigns transmitted on the call display. The content also plays an important role, if of quality, obviously, since it is able to inspire and transmit those emotions that are difficult to describe in words but which can lead to the purchase decision.


The right strategy, the right content, the right technology and how magically your store will become more and more engaging and attractive.

Kiosk Wallber



Automatic ticket issuer

Wall mounted or free standing

eliminacode per gioiellerie e bijoux



Advertising display

Managed by tablet or mobile phone

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If you think about starting a restyling of your store, to innovate and differentiate yourself better from your competitors while offering a better shopping experience, or you need a nice and functional code elimination system, Kiosk is ready to help you, side by side with analysis and specific advice to your sector, proposing only best in class systems and helping you in choosing the most suitable product for your location, your type of customer and your need and possibility of content delivery and content strategy.

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Kiosk in fact favors your business even with creative services with high strategic value, to give a further boost to your project.


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eliminacode per gioiellerie e bijoux