Careful reception and reduced waiting times in medical centers and health facilities.



Each health facility must support strong pressure to provide better quality of care with a limited number of resources available.

Our Customer flow Management Systems for Hospitals, Medical Centers and Radiology help this. Reduce reservation resources, enabling intelligent queue and service management. People feel managed correctly, respected in the ways and in the times, with consequent esteem and trust in the hospital and clinical organization.


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Clear communication and service efficiency with Kiosk Hydra


Kiosk Hydra is not just a simple queueing system, but an advanced system for managing desk activities, communications in waiting rooms and lanes, queues, with advanced quality measurement tools.

Kiosk Hydra is the solution created by Kiosk to solve the needs of hospitality in the hospital, clinical and medical sectors.


Thanks to this innovative system, the problems related to queues are greatly simplified, while waiting times are reduced and managed effectively. This system was designed to allow the management of multi-service, multi-branch and multi-site queues, carrying out the task of directing and sorting users directly to the counter for the requested service. A real platform, which offers hospitals companies levels of flexibility, efficiency and clarity superior to the previous queueing system.

Better reception.
Best service.


Thanks to digital signage technology, today it is possible to have a communicative performance able to greatly facilitate the communication of service and the perception of the service provided. A clear, comprehensible communication, visible at the point of need, can do a lot, both in terms of initial disorientation because it makes the person in reception autonomous, and on the organizational level: less interruptions, less management of requests, saving time.


A good flow management system today, more than before, must know not only how to guarantee the sorting and continuity of operation of the hardware in use, but also to correctly integrate flexibility and communication and management performance.


Kiosk, a leading company in self-service and digital signage systems, is able to offer you the best available on the market today, supporting you in choosing the most suitable system for your reality, based on the distribution of spaces and service points.


Extreme simplicity of management.


Kiosk Hydra has been designed to simplify the management of branches, sorting and correctly addressing users, managing the problems of waiting and queues, raising the standard of service provided through quality monitoring.


A powerful flow manager that provides the tools for a quick overview of the performance of activities at the level of services provided at the branches of healthcare units of all sizes, through the use of the newest digital signage technology and the complete centralized management of all the locations. All content, personnel management, and much more are easily updated and managed by the system administrator.


A scalar architecture, designed for integration.


Kiosk Hydra fully meets the needs of Hospitals and Medical Centers, both small and large. It is a modular, flexible and intuitive solution that offers a range of fully integrated functionalities to simplify and automate the management of queues and counter services, both in single-unit and multi-unit environments or locations spread over the territory.


Intelligent queue management and service request overhead are automatically sorted and distributed to ensure the shortest waiting time. From the acceptance to the provision of services in the various clinics, everything is managed by Kiosk Hydra in an intelligent way, giving the system administrator an overview of the activities in progress and a great deal of administration.


A modular and scalable system: reports and statistics, management of appointments, surveys are just some of the modules that can be requested and found in Kiosk Hydra.

Choosing the best has its advantages. Immediately.

Several models of Queueing Systems

Kiosk One Small



Information display

Desktop signage display

eliminacode one small per Centri medici e ospedali


Bright touch display and intuitive interface for selecting services


Robust kiosk with easy maintenance

Stable, anti-vandal, performing


Kiosk Elegant



Muti-service Information display

Desktop signage display

eliminacode per centri medici e ospedali




Elegant kiosk printer

Touch display for service selection

Elegant, easily repositionable

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Why Kiosk?



Adoption of better quality components and final checks ensure long life for your investment



Many installations in different markets, with different levels of service complexity

Visual custom


Made by us and customized by us, according to your corporate identity and your process or functional needs.

Analysis and coordination


For the optimal design of service and signage logics



To know how to use the system and make the most of the investment



Quick remote support and maintenance for a lasting investment

Satisfied customers.
A common goal.


Kiosk, a leading company in customer satisfaction systems, with self-service and digital signage technology, is able to offer the best available on the market today, combining the choice of the most suitable system for your hospital and your communication needs. provision of medical services.

Having satisfied customers is ours and your goal.


Want to know more about our Customer Flow Management Solution?


Our consultants are available for all the appropriate analyzes, in order to study the best flow management solution for your reality.

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eliminacode one small per Centri medici e ospedali
eliminacode per centri medici e ospedali