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Kiosk Qmicro


Simple, fine, easy.


Kiosk Qmicro is the simplest and most accessible queueing system  for managing expectations.

Kiosk Qmicro allows you to organize your customers in a single queue with one or more call desks.

This solution is ideal both for small businesses and for companies that have a small number of service operators and do not offer diversified services for their expertise.



Kiosk QMicro - eliminacode con emettitore di ticket e display di chiamata

In the market of queue management systems, Kiosk Qmicro is undoubtedly the most effective, elegant and quick to install solution. With a small investment, even small businesses can better treat their customers and improve their image.


Kiosk Hydra EX


Simply the best, in entry version.


Kiosk Hydra Ex is the elimination software suitable for those who want to have a professional queue management solution, benefiting from the scalability that the Kiosk Hydra platform allows.


Kiosk Hydra represents today the state of the art of queue management systems and user flows.


Suitable and designed for large organizations, it provides superior levels of flexibility and advanced analysis and reporting functions.


Designed to meet the requirements of large corporations and organizations, it is a feature-rich platform ranging from digital signage, to CFM, to HRM and much more.



Kiosk Hydra Ex - sistema eliminacode multiservizio e multisede

Kiosk Hydra Ex offers what is needed to provide an organized and efficient management of waits and service flows. Suitable for different market sectors, Kiosk Hydra Ex satisfies different usage scenarios and can be customized according to the final customer's branding.


Choose the best right away.

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Kiosk QMicro - eliminacode con emettitore di ticket e display di chiamata