More efficiency and more sell-out in pharmacies with Kiosk Customer Flow Solutions.



The pharmacy sector is facing great challenges in recent years, due to the reduction in margins and economic performance in general. This imposes important strategic considerations and choices, both in terms of role and quality of service, and in terms of selling products and services.


The experience in the pharmacy, from the moment a client enters till when he is served, is a touch point too important to be underestimated within the journey that the customer makes before making the purchase.

This is why those who today are able to continuously offer a customer experience of excellence obtain tangible business benefits that go well beyond the increase in customer loyalty and profitability.


Starting from the entry level  Kiosk Qmicro, up to the most performing Kiosk EX, it is possible to gain a considerable competitive advantage and to better differentiate your offer from the competition.

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Better management of expectations and priorities.


Kiosk queue management systems integrate digital signage technology, which is a software and hardware system that is not limited to return the next customer number to be served, but manage the call, the priority and sorting according to the requested service , allowing a reduction in the perception of waiting time thanks to the visual communication transmitted on the paired display.


A Kiosk system helps pharmacies to organize better the job internally, by simplifying the work of employees and allowing better use of available personnel.

In short, better management of customer requests and expectations.


So while on the one hand the customer is guaranteed peace of mind and security of not losing his priority of service, at the other hand he can benefit from a greater discretionary service, because waiting customers know to be called when it’s their turn and so they can explore freely the goods on the shelf without no necessity to stand in line with each other near the service counter.


By adopting the Kiosk technology, you will no longer need strips and path markers, tie-down columns to delimit routes and file and queue distribution.

No more files and tensions. An easier, clearer environment, a more comprehensible communication for an accurate customer service.

Turn waiting into a profit opportunity.


Recent studies show how a queueing system of the new generation not only raises the quality of the service perceived, but at the same time increases considerably the sales of products.

The waiting customer, in fact, no longer afraid of "losing his turn", is more prepared to view the items on the shelf or to learn what is communicated on the call display.

Adopting a Kiosk queueing system means not only guaranteeing the right shifts and internal efficiency, but also increasing the effectiveness of your marketing and merchandising.


Better communication of product and customer service, better receptivity of your offer, care and attention to the customer, increase in sales: these are the factors that make Kiosk solutions a winning and differentiating choice.

Statistics and reports for strategic value assessments.


Kiosk elimination systems are also effective tools for evaluating your service efficiency thanks to the generation of refined statistics and service reports. Making decisions based on data and taking them based on hypotheses are two very different things.

Kiosk Hydra Ex solutions puts you in a position to carry out a daily monitoring of your service activities and sales to the public, allowing you to make evaluations and corrections in excellent continuous improvement.


3 Customer Flow Management Solutions



Kiosk Qmicro



Kiosk Qmicro is the simplest and most accessible eliminacode system for managing expectations.


Kiosk Qmicro allows you to organize your customers in a single queue with one or more call desks.

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Kiosk Hydra EX



Kiosk Hydra Ex is the elimination software suitable for those who need a professional queue management solution, benefiting from the scalability that the Kiosk Hydra platform allows.


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Kiosk Hydra Pharma



Kiosk Hydra Pharma is the high-performance elimination software for those looking for an advanced flow management solution and optimization of resources for a pharmacy network.


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3 different queueing systems

Kiosk Wallber

 ›› Advertising and information display

 ›› Virtual keypad on PC, tablet or mobile phone

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 ›› Automatic ticket issuer

 ›› Wall mounted or free standing

Kiosk One Small

 ›› Advertising display

 ›› Desktop signage display

 ›› Virtual keypad on PC, tablet or mobile phone

eliminacode per farmacia

 ›› Bright touch display and intuitive interface for selecting services

 ›› Robust self-service kiosk pro ticketing

 ›› ADA Compliant

Kiosk Elegant

 ›› Advertising display

 ›› Desktop signage display

 ›› Virtual keypad on PC, tablet or mobile phone

eliminacode per farmacie

 ›› Bright touch display and intuitive interface for selecting services

 ›› Elegant self-service kiosk  easily repositionable

 ›› ADA Compliant

Why Kiosk?



Adoption of better quality components and final checks ensure long life for your investment



Many installations in different markets, with different levels of service complexity



Made by us and customized by us, according to your corporate identity and your process or functional needs.

Analysis and coordination


For the optimal design of service and signage logics



To know how to use the system and make the most of the investment



Quick remote support and maintenance for a lasting investment

Satisfied customers.
A common goal.


Kiosk, a leader in digital signage systems and in the development of solutions for customer satisfaction, is able to offer the best available on the market today, supporting you in choosing the most suitable system for your available space and your type of service. Having satisfied customers is ours and your goal.


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Kiosk Hydra is the most powerful multi-channel integrated CFM solution available today on the market

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