Kiosk Qmicro


The digital queueing system that respects service priorities.


It is the simplest and most accessible digital queueing system  between Kiosk solutions. This small system is ideal for small businesses, for entities that have a limited number of operators and for those who have to organize a flow of customers in single mono-service queues, with one or more call points (multi-branch).


Kiosk Qmicro is the simplest and most efficient solution in the market for queue management systems.


With Kiosk Qmicro, even small companies and commercial realities with not large spaces can have a high-tech solution capable of giving order, respecting priorities and improving the quality of service performed and perceived.


The system was designed for commissioning in a few simple steps: among the various systems on the market, this queueing system is the best entry level solution. In addition, the Kiosk Wallbert ticket dispenser adapts very well to the aesthetic requirements of every environment, as well as being available both for wall and floor mounting.


Beautiful things are often the simplest. And Kiosk Qmicro respects this rule.


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Why Qmicro?



Kiosk Qmicro is an efficient queueing system for customer flow management , ideal for all companies and organizations where the services are provided in a single multi-branch queue. Kiosk Qmicro is the result of a study based on the concept of making the management of a queue easier and more convenient, in order to reduce waiting times.


The Kiosk Wallber compact dispenser prints tickets automatically, while the trend of the tail is shown on the LED display: the display that is usually placed on the wall or ceiling, to display the number called by the operator.

Perfect for many activities


Kiosk Qmicro really brings an efficiency of service that you can give up. Chambers of commerce, studies with public service, supermarkets, clinics, small service company counters, pharmacies, car dealers, service centers, shops and points of sale.


Wherever there is a priority order to be respected, with up to 6 workstations, Kiosk Qmicro is what it takes.

Immediately familiar.


console di chiamata paziente sistema eliminacode Kiosk

Kiosk Qmicro is not only quick in its installation, but is also quick to use. It does not require particular skills. So it will be like having always had it. And thanks to the ability to call the next customer even with a comfortable tablet or your mobile device, flexibility is even greater.


Simple, no queues, no additional cost.


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console di chiamata paziente sistema eliminacode Kiosk