Kiosk Hydra EX


For those who want something more.



For those who do not just want a simple queueing system, but also need an advanced management of the counter activities, Kiosk Hydra Ex is the right choose.


It is a multi-service and multi-counter queueing system with a high innovation content, based on digital signage technology, intuitive and easy to use, designed to provide an effective and practical solution that will reduce waiting times and make the queue and reception more pleasing to the customer and more productive for the company.


It is also able to identify, sort and distribute a possible request overload, thus ensuring the shortest waiting time. The user, once selected the service of his interest and taken his ticket, follows the evolution of waiting thanks to the wall displays that, in addition to viewing the status queue, show press releases, newsletters, advertisements and all that It is published in a few clicks from the management and control console.


Kiosk Hydra® Ex is the perfect digital solution to customer journey management.  Looking at it thoroughly, this queue management solution represents the best system available today on the market of intelligent queue management systems.


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A safe investment to work and serve better


Kiosk Hydra Ex immediately puts the business able to work better. The intuitive interface and the connected functionalities make Kiosk Hydra Ex a powerful digital signage queueing system.


Based on .NET technology, it is able to offer a complete management of front and back office activities for all those single-user activities.

It also has a quick start-up: it only requires the installation of virtual clients, and in case of an upgrade we take care of it.


Many companies have chosen Kiosk Hydra EX due to its scalability. It is in fact the entry level version of Kiosk Hydra®, the most complete platform created for multi-site structures with IT centralization needs.

Redefining reception and service.


Kiosk Hydra Ex, thanks to its characteristics of management of flows and communication, is the necessary system for those who want to pay attention to customer service.

Hospitals, clinics and laboratories, pharmacies, banks and insurance companies, public and private bodies, supermarkets, can gain a significant advantage in terms of image, efficiency and quality of the final service provided to its customers.

With Kiosk Hydra Ex allows you to rethink the way you welcome and serve your customers, with private calls and personalized and less-than-counter service procedures.

The customer is important. Your role as well. Kiosk Hydra Ex can help you.





Fast, intuitive, elegant




Management of 10 queues and 10 branches

Quality analysis tools and advanced reports

Optional additional software modules





Sel-service kiosk: One Small Kiosk with

Display Touch printer for selecting the service

Professional Full HD information display

Counter display of various sizes

Touch call console




Professional services

Analysis and support for the project

System installation

Advanced integration


Visual branding

Technical support

Evolutionary maintenance

Digital Signage content creation


Hydra Ex: software e chiosco eliminacode digitale

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Do you want to share the purchase in installment options? Kiosk lets you do it. So you just have to think about your work and less about cash flow.


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Hydra Ex: software e chiosco eliminacode digitale