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The summarized call screens of the queued users play a very important role in the queueing system: allowing customers to understand the progress of the queue while waiting for their turn and being called, with indication of the counter in which to go.

Over the last few years, the simple progressive display of numbers has given rise to the possibility of showing contents, that is to say video-information, supported by the most modern professional digital signage displays.


For these reasons, a good summary call display must meet some basic requirements, given that this is an important point of information to the public that must provide security of correct operation during the opening hours of the exercise or the counter.

Not all the displays on the market are perfectly suited to the case. Generally, attention is paid to price and size, but little to the display's ability to guarantee prolonged operation, or to its ability to adapt to the ambient brightness or to high technical features of which one sometimes becomes aware but has been installed.


Display for waiting systems

Kiosk offers the solution Kiosk Qmicro or Kiosk Ex display summary high contrast and brightness, able to ensure the visibility of information both from near and far, even in bright light, always trying to contain the consumption of electric current.



Obviously every situation, however similar, is unique and requires a preliminary analysis in order to identify the right product. In this sense Kiosk is available to provide analysis and related professional proposals for a realization designed according to your reality and service need.

display di chiamata per sistemi eliminacode

Display dimensions, driving characteristics and warranty and maintenance terms are some of the factors to consider when adopting the system, not to mention the amount of information to be displayed for flow and shift management, the management of audio and video. monitors that can act as a watershed between a consumer product and a specific one for use.ecifico all'uso.



As every reality is unique, so is the visual that we offer to our customers. Colors, logos and styles are essential for a coherent communication of their brand and a better recognition of institutional communication.


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display di chiamata per sistemi eliminacode