Kiosk queue management systems.


Better your hospitality, reduce waiting time, improve your service.


With Kiosk queue management systems, your company can improve satisfaction and customer service.

Today customers expect higher levels of quality, speed and increased service competence.

We all know how important it is to respect queue priorities and to take advantage of the competence and availability of qualified service personnel.


For this reason we constantly refine our flow management solutions.

We aim to offer systems able to facilitate and to support branch activities, to manage customers flows and to better the accuracy and the quality of the service communication, in order to help business growing.

We would like to help you to allocate the right resource for the right service.

The possibility to receive the evaluation of your customers satisfaction and to analyze detailed report is an effective instrument of the continuous improvement process according to a Lean methodology.

To each, his own.


Kiosk customer flow management solutions are widely used in banks, hospitals, clinical centers, service centers, shops and public administration offices.

A truly complete range of products, where hardware and software are perfectly integrated for a final purpose: to offer a product of superior quality, that is able to ensure excellent customer experience and great management efficiency to the service provider.

All the solutions presented on this site are developed and realized by Kiosk and reflect the attention that our customers give to the final service: a punctual, competent, proactive service.


But to achieve this we need to carefully evaluate the specificities of the case, and provide adequate levels of analysis and customization when needed. It is necessary to face the project giving the right weight to the most important element: the customer experience.



Queue management system, with ticketing system and display information

Better your reception, improve your service.


With Kiosk customer flow management systems, the organization and the management of information take on a new dimension.

A dimension that focuses on the customer, facilitating the understanding of the service requested and the care received. It is not enough to put a kiosk and a display to welcome customers. We know this very well because we are also users.

Kiosk is your reliable partner for the design of a solution focused on customers, with the right know-how and a strong expertise in user experience, in order to support you with a highly usable systems and to ensure high return on investment.


Visual clarity, easy operation and punctual communication facilitate users' understanding of the steps to be taken and reduce anxieties and disorientations. In this way customers become more receptive.

At the same time, an intelligent tool able to adapt to the workflow and internal operational logics, helps the company a lot in carrying out its work, organization and efficiency in general.


In fact, we know that the final quality is the result of the overall experience that the customer receives once he comes in contact with the structure. This is why our systems are modular, flexible and scalable. To offer everyone the right solution for their business and needs, without spending too much or not enough.

From the survey of customer satisfaction, to reporting, to booking the service.

We can offer you all what you need to better your reception and to provide the best experience.

Starting with the right foot makes the difference.


As every business is different from the other, each queue management solution requires different functions and logics.

For this reason, our offer in the queueing systems market is not limited to a closed box sale, but includes important phases in order to deliver "tailor-made clothes" to each customer.


Normally the work goes through analysis steps, project definition, coordination, training, roll out and platform maintenance.

A working method that leaves nothing to chance and allows your client to feel in good hands.

Elevate the customer experience with Kiosk customer flow management solutions.


Find out the right solution for your business: Kiosk Qmicro, Kiosk Hydra Ex and Kiosk Hydra.


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Our consultants are available for all the appropriate analyzes, in order to study the best flow management solution for your reality.

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Queue management system, with ticketing system and display information