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The desk displays are an important element in the context of queueing systems.

Thanks to these, the user can identify the correct counter to receive the desired service.


Our systems are suitable for managing any flow and activity situation. Whether for single-user, single-service or multi-service workplaces, or for multi-site businesses or distributed in the territory but with centralized management needs, Kiosk is able to offer you the most suitable display for your call signaling needs and of the service point.


Wall mounted display, ceiling mount display or desktop display : we can support you all you need for an art installation.

Correct positioning, correct visibility and identification signs are essential to help the customer achieve the right service counter.


High contrast and brightness, information visibility from afar and in bright light conditions, low power consumption are some of the factors to consider. No less important are the ease of fixing and the duration of operation to stumble in situations of unpleasant disruption.


display LCD da sportello per eliminacode


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display LCD da sportello per eliminacode