Reduce expectations and improve customer care


Better management of expectations and compliance with the correct priorities is now possible with Kiosk queueing systems.

Kiosk queueing systems have been specifically designed to meet the demands of today's market.


Reducing waiting times, efficiently managing an orderly flow of service that can be delivered are important elements for those who carry out their business in contact with customers. A customer that we know is increasingly hurried and at the same time in need of a high level customer service.


This is why the quality of the components is important. Because it depends not only on their duration, but also on the safety of an almost non-stop machine, which is important as it is a system that must ensure optimization of the queues rather than create them.

Let's try to understand better what is needed to have a good queueing system.



What is a Kiosk queueing system made up of ?


Basically a queue management system consists of:



  • virtual keypad for calling the next number for use by the operator (tablet or mobile phone)





Sistema eliminacode digitale multiservizio

High quality components


Kiosk systems fully exploit the latest digital technologies. This ensures your system, unlike other more obsolete solutions still on the market, a long life thanks to the fact that you can grow, based on your needs without hardware limitation.

Front office and back office aligned for superior efficiency.


We know very well that every reality is different.

Kiosk allows you not only to choose between different hardware products, but also between different software solutions based on different factors.


Our systems allow an alignment between the customer service functions and the back office, that is the management of activities and resources. This is because in this way we have a clear picture of the management of all the variables necessary to optimize resources, services, times, costs and flows.

Our software has been designed to fully exploit the dedicated hardware.


Why choose Kiosk?


Apparently, all the systems on the market seem the same. But only in appearance.

Aesthetics, reliability, ease of use and high-level components of our solutions ensure minimum maintenance and long investment life.

Added to this is a highly professional customer support service, a set of important additional services, and a series of highly relevant clients.



Can we help you?


Our consultants are available for all the appropriate analyzes in order to study the best flow management solution for your reality.

Don't waste your time.

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Sistema eliminacode digitale multiservizio